Healthcare integrated biobanking and multiomics biomarker analysis
We would like to announce the International Conference “Healthcare integrated biobanking and multiomics biomarker analysis“ held in Regensburg during July 3-5, 2014.
In addition, a pre-conference workshop on “Lipidomics for biomarker and clinical analysis” will take place during July 1-3, 2014.
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The goal of the conference is to transfer recent research and innovative biomarker candidates from diverse body fluid- and cell-based analyses into applications for health-care integrated biobanking, diagnostics, clinical practice, therapy-monitoring and outcome prediction. It covers biomarker/biobanking aspects of multiomics analysis of a broad range of aging disorders such as vascular diseases, “diabesity”, neurodegenerative diseases and inflammation.

Conference Flyers:

Healthcare Integrated Biobanking and Multiomics Biomarker Analysis

Lipidomics for Biomarker and Clinical Analysis
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